Seitan Nuggets


Seitan is tofu’s lesser known cousin comprised of wheat gluten, created over 1000 years ago by Zen Buddhists in Japan and China as a meat substitute. Before becoming vegan, I hadn’t even heard of it. Thankfully, due to all the talented bloggers and photographers I came across this awesome recipe I couldn’t resist.

But then I realized I didn’t have much of these ingredients handy so I switched it up a bit. And the result was these fun little nuggets that you can just pop in your mouth. They are so yummy, and did I mention fried?

Here’s what I made with one box of Westsoy’s Seitan cubes, minus the 1 or 2 (or 10) I ate in the process.



I soaked the seitan in a mixture of hemp milk, coconut oil, lemon juice and salt to create the ‘eggy’ sticky layer. Then I rolled the cubes in a dry mixture of matzo meal, salt, ground pepper, whole wheat flour, and spices before a quick frying on each side. To maintain the satisfying crisp, I let cool on a wire rack. The fancy dipping sauce is a tangy compilation of ketchup, lemon juice and agave. Ta-dah! That was simple.

P.S. Each box of seitan has 52.5g of protein. This is enough for 2, if you’re in the mood for sharing. Not bad for a delicious fried snack.


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